Friday, January 13, 2012

Montego Bay Rum

CockTale: I ran out of my go to rum (Ron Rio) and decided to give his identical twin brother Montego Bay rum a run for this blog. In my experience, Montego Bay is essentially the same as Ron Rio with one exception....whoever establishes liquor prices in the State of Washington will decide to sometimes make Ron Rio a dollar less expensive than Montego Bay, or vice versa from time to time for no real reason. I poured myself a large rum & diet and by the end of the night me and Montego Bay were taking party pics together like a newlywed couple on a carribean cruise......

Taste: Montego Bay rum is identical to Ron Rio, about as close to perfection as you can get "5"
Price: $25.95 for a half gallon, exactly two dollars more than Ron Rio for no reason, that is going to bring your score down. "4.5"
Hangover Factor: Considering I made a pretty big dent for a Thursday work night, it really wasn't that bad the next morning. "5"
Novelty: Not much of a novelty, but just like Ron Rio, Montego Bay is a welcome guest at any social event because of his size and taste. He can basically host your party by himself. "5"
Drunk: I would go with "jovial" to describe my drunk, the previously mentioned party pics with the bottle and drunk dialing my Mom were quite jovial. "5"

Montego Bay rum comes in second place in the rankings because of the price, there is absolutely no reason to price it more than Ron Rio other than to give it a slightly higher feeling of superiority, which is no way to treat your brother. Overall "4.9"

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  1. Like drinking rubbing alcohol with an 'odd' aftertaste